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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Boys Basketball Coach09/19/2021Supplement Only/CoachingHUDSON ACADEMYApply
Teacher Pre-Kindergarten (ECP) (2021-2022)09/17/2021InstructionalWATERGRASS ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher - Intellectual Disabilities (2021-2022)- Anticipated Vacancy09/17/2021InstructionalGULF MIDDLEApply
Girls Basketball Coach09/17/2021Supplement Only/CoachingCHASCO MIDDLEApply
Instructional Assistant ESE (2021-2022) *Anticipated Vacancy*09/17/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22WEST PASCO EDUCATION ACADEMY - HARRY SCHWETTMAN CAMPUSApply
Social Studies Teacher (2021-2022) *Anticipated Vacancy*09/17/2021InstructionalFIVAY HIGHApply
Instructional Assistant - Basic (2021-2022) "Anticipated Vacancy"09/17/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22RODNEY B COX ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher - Adult ED General Mathematics (2021-2022)09/17/2021InstructionalMARCHMAN ADULT EDApply
Instructional Assistant - ESE (2021-2022)09/17/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22LONGLEAF ELEMENTARYApply
Professional Guest Teacher - $160/day09/17/2021SubstituteDR JOHN LONG MIDDLEApply
Teacher Elementary PE (2021-2022) Anticipated Vacancy09/17/2021InstructionalHUDSON ACADEMYApply
Teacher of Social Studies- 1 Year Only (2021-2022)09/17/2021InstructionalCHARLES S RUSHE MIDDLEApply
Social Studies Teacher (2021-2022)09/17/2021InstructionalBAYONET POINT MIDDLE STEM MAGNET SCHOOLApply
Secretary III- 196 Anticipated Vacancy09/17/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22GULF MIDDLEApply
Instructional Assistant- Exceptional Student Education09/17/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22GULF MIDDLEApply
Student System Data Entry Operator (2021-2022) "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26HUDSON HIGHApply
Instructional Assistant Title I "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22LACOOCHEE ELEMENTARYApply
Instructional Assistant for Environmental Education - Part Time (One Year Only) 2021-202209/16/2021TemporaryOFFICE FOR LEADING AND LEARNINGApply
Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - 2 Positions09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22OFFICE FOR STUDENT SUPPORTApply
Teacher Elementary - 5th Grade (2021-2022) "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021InstructionalLAKE MYRTLE ELEMENTARYApply
ECP Social Educator 19809/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMSApply
ELL Parent and Community Engagement Instructional Trainer Coach09/16/2021InstructionalOFFICE FOR STUDENT SUPPORTApply
Food & Nutrition Service Associate09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26FOOD AND NUTRITION SERVICESApply
Secretary III "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 23JAMES M MARLOWE STEAM ELEMENTARYApply
Instructional Asst - Student Discipline (2021-2022)09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22GULF HIGHApply
Teacher - 3rd Grade (2021-2022)09/16/2021InstructionalGULF HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARYApply
Assistant Plant Manager09/16/2021Non-Negotiating/Non-Bargaining (NNB)GULF HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARYApply
Custodian "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26RICHEY ELEMENTARYApply
Secretary III Guidance09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22WOODLAND ELEMENTARYApply
Custodian - Evenings "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26WENDELL KRINN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOLApply
Girls JV BasketBall Coach09/16/2021Supplement Only/CoachingCENTENNIAL MIDDLE STEM MAGNET SCHOOLApply
Teacher - Art Elementary (2021-2022) "Anticipated Vacancy"09/16/2021InstructionalCHASCO ELEMENTARYApply
Girls BasketBall Coach09/16/2021Supplement Only/CoachingCENTENNIAL MIDDLE STEM MAGNET SCHOOLApply
Paraprofessional - Basic (1-Year)09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22LAND O LAKES HIGHApply
Secretary III (196 day position)09/16/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22PASCO ESCHOOLApply
Avid Tutor09/16/2021TemporaryCHASCO MIDDLEApply
Avid Tutor09/16/2021TemporaryANCLOTE HIGHApply
Assistant Plant Manager (2021-2022)09/15/2021Non-Negotiating/Non-Bargaining (NNB)MITTYE P LOCKE ELEMENTARYApply
Professional Guest Teacher - $160/day09/15/2021SubstituteSUNLAKE HIGHApply
Virtual Art Teacher (Grades K-12)09/15/2021InstructionalPASCO ESCHOOLApply
Instructional Assistant - Basic "Anticipated Vacancy"09/15/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22COTEE RIVER ELEMENTARYApply
Teacher - K5 (2021-2022) "Anticipated Vacancy"09/15/2021InstructionalSAN ANTONIO ELEMENTARYApply
SSPS Paraprofessional (Transition Assistant)09/15/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22OFFICE FOR STUDENT SUPPORTApply
Coach MS Girls Basketball09/15/2021Supplement Only/CoachingRAYMOND B STEWART MIDDLEApply
Avid Tutor09/15/2021TemporaryPASCO MIDDLEApply
Instructional Assistant (Exceptional Student Education)09/15/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22CHARLES S RUSHE MIDDLEApply
Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten (1-Year Only) Anticipated Vacancy09/15/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22SEVEN OAKS ELEMENTARYApply
Custodian09/15/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26SEVEN OAKS ELEMENTARYApply
Instructional Assistant (Exceptional Student Education)09/14/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 22BEXLEY ELEMENTARYApply
Custodian 7 Hour Evening Position "Anticipated Vacancy"09/14/2021School Related Personnel (SRP) 26TRINITY OAKS ELEMENTARYApply